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Hubox enables you to deploy, access and connect devices to your Cloud Controllers within within an instant.

Reliable Hosting

Hubox Cloud Controllers are reliably hosted to ensure that your controller is there when you need it, with a 24/7 uptime.

Seamless Management

Seamlessly switch between controllers via the Hubox app, and manage each controller via our integrated platform.

Manage your networks from anywhere

In-browser, and mobile app.

It's time to leave the on-site controller behind.
Manage all of your locations in tandem with Hubox.

Benefit from our in-house expertise

With 7-day a week support, we'll always have your back.

Hubox support is available 7-days a week, 14 hours a day - via live-chat and email.


Controllers managed through the Hubox platform.


Support tickets handled by the Hubox Support team.

2 mins

Our average live-chat response time during business hours.


Number of hardware devices connected to Hubox controllers.


Your brand is important.

With Hubox, setting up a professional-grade Cloud controller is only a click away. In addition to the Hubox URL allocated as default, you can provide your customers controller access under your own brand.

No port numbers, no complications. All Hubox controllers are equipped to allow you to transfer your controller to a custom domain within one click.


Discover why we're the World's leading Cloud controller platform.

Hubox provides an easy to use and affordable way to manage our customer controllers, with fantastic support for any issues.

Hubox has enabled me to onboard and support clients all over the country with their reliable and affordable Cloud Controller solutions.

In Hubox we have found a useful and scalable tool that has allowed our customers to quickly migrate their networks to the Cloud, and easily integrate with our Guest WiFi solution.

The Hubox platform has equipped our Guest WiFi technology with a reliable Cloud controller solution that can quickly be deployed and scaled to suit the needs of our SMB and enterprise customers.

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